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The Advent of Virtual Lab School and its Motto

Virtual Lab School refers to a virtual teaching and learning environment that ensures the development of students’ laboratory skills. It serves as one of the most important eLearning tools. Allowing the student to conduct various experiments without constraints on place or time compared to constraints of real labs.

The simulated lab environment, typically implemented as a software program, allows the users to perform experiments. Virtual Lab E-Resources for students help students visualize the concepts in a better manner. However, the point to be remembered is that there is no substitute for direct hands-on experience in the physical laboratory for the students.

Table Of Contents: 

  • Benefits Of Virtual Labs
  • Final Words

Benefits Of Virtual Lab School

Virtual Lab Gatech enables students to perform many experiments that turn out to be otherwise difficult to perform in real laboratories because of the risks involved in the same.

  • Save Time And Effort

Virtual labs help teachers and students save time and effort as there won’t be a necessity to adhere to certain times to enter the lab or to move from one place to another.

  • Remote Access To Simulation-Based Labs

virtual lab school

The platform and the entire support system provide remote access to simulation-based Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering. Also, the technology is highly beneficial in enthusing students to conduct experiments by arousing their curiosity and helping them learn basic and advanced concepts through remote experimentation.

  • Complete Learning Management System

Virtual Lab School provides a complete Learning Management System around the Virtual Labs. Let the students/ teachers avail of various learning tools, including additional web resources, animated demonstrations, video lectures, and self-evaluation.

  • Protection Of Students And Teachers From Hazards

Virtual labs protect students and teachers from hazards, as there won’t be a possibility of direct contact with toxic or radioactive chemicals. Also, there won’t be any involvement in handling explosive devices or electricity.

  • Convenience Of Changing The Inputs And Transactions

Virtual labs are also highly beneficial for the reason. There is the convenience of changing the inputs and transactions used in the experiment without having to worry about the dangerous effects of these changes.

The Virtual Lab School addresses the need for an easy-to-navigate online professional development. And a resource system empowering professionals to build their knowledge and skills around research-based practices. That will further assist with child care and youth development.

An extensive repository of professional development videos, research-based content, and interactive learning materials ensures that the environment simulates the enriching learning experiences in university and school settings.

Virtual as a virtual teaching and learning environment aims at developing students’ laboratory skills. And is one of the most important e-learning tools located on the Internet. Allows a student conduct many experiments without any constraints, including place or time, compared to the constraints of real labs.

Final Words

Virtual labs are also advantageous to the teacher in that with virtual labs, teachers don’t have to go to the lab at certain times. While moving from place to place to prepare for the experiment saves time and effort. Universities and schools worldwide are now utilizing Virtual Lab School technology.

As it is helpful in keeping up with the technological development being witnessed in the digital age. It is reflected in various forms in the fields of distance learning and e-learning. Regarding technology applications in education, Virtual Lab School offers a range of benefits, and there is a huge importance of virtual laboratory.

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