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PS6 rumors everything we know so far about Sony’s next-gen console

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in 2020. It’s a version that’s a lot more powerful compared to the PS4. Also, it’s loaded with features that weren’t available in the prior generation. Now gamers are looking for a unit that will offer them benefits like hardware-accelerated ray tracing, improved SSD, and 3D audio support. Gamers have already started thinking about what Sony has next. Everyone is wondering at this point whether to expect a sixth-generation console or not. There are leaks and rumors about the PS6.

PS6 rumours: What to expect?

The need for new consoles isn’t stopping as long as we don’t reach a future where games can be streamed without involving reliability questions, latency problems, and similar issues. Sony has not released any official data regarding the existence of a sixth-generation PlayStation, yet it’s confirmed that the company is working on its development.

1. Design

Regarding the PS6 design, all we can say now is that the PS5 was a drastic change in Sony’s typical design philosophy. There isn’t any concrete proof regarding the company’s next console. Yet rumors suggest that the PS6 will be smaller than the PS5. When the PS5 launched. The

2. Specifications

The PS6 is expected to be more powerful than the PS5, which is one of the primary reasons there are new generations. However, it’s worth noting that there aren’t enough PS6 rumors. 

Some general ideas regarding the version to be launched is that the PS5 specs list includes a 3.5GHz eight-core AMD Zen 2 for CPU with a custom AMD RDNA 2-based GPU.

In addition, it is equipped with 16GB of GDDR6 RAM with an 825GB custom SSD. Support for 120Hz output for 4K and 8K TVs and VRR makes it stand out. We can only wait and expect even better with the new supposed launch of the PS6.

3. Features

The PS5 is equipped with countless features, and it can be only expected that the PS6 will be equipped with even more existing features. Some top features might be storage expansion, backward compatibility, 3D audio (Tempest and/or Dolby Atmos), and cloud streaming. More PlayStation Link integration is going to prove remarkable. PlayStation Link refers to Sony’s proprietary wireless audio connectivity.

With that, users can rest assured of lossless, low-latency audio and multi-device connections, in addition to other benefits over Bluetooth. Sony might want to incorporate this technology in its next console for the development of a more connected ecosystem. For a long time, Sony has been considering incorporating AI into its next system.

Considerations regarding ray reconstruction and path tracing, as PS6 technologies

Report claims, have been quite focused on developing its own artificial intelligence scaling technology similar to the Nvidia DLSS and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution. The technology would be impeccable in scaling the resolution of games and running them at high resolutions and frame rates without degrading performance. Microsoft will focus on the cloud for the next-generation console.

More than one model with the PS6?

Since people have grown curious to learn about the PS6 2026, we can say that when the PS5 launched, Sony offered two versions— one with a disc drive and one without. The disc-less Digital Edition sold for $100 less compared to the version equipped with a disc to give buyers a cheaper option. There is no concrete proof of whether Sony will do the same for the release of the PS6. More people are buying digital copies rather than physical ones. The new version of the PS5 Digital Edition is appropriate for getting fit with the attachable disc drive, and that’s how we can assume a lot about Sony’s future strategy.

Superior technology that will power PS6

A chip from AMD will power PlayStation 6, Sony’s new console. Sony is working with a set of custom chips that are already present in products that are built around video games. The detailed technical specifications aren’t available at the moment, but the latest reports point to the assumption that Sony wants the PlayStation 6 to leverage Ray Reconstruction or ray tracing technology.

It will utilize ray tracing and scaling tools through artificial intelligence, and one of the possible technologies might be Nvidia’s DLSS. The technologies will be useful for improved lighting and reflections in ray tracing. It significantly reduces performance costs, so PlayStation 6 titles will take the shape of visual powerhouses without sacrificing performance.

The console will bet on Path Tracing, which is usually used for creating photorealistic 3D images. All that can be expected as of now is that the technology will require minimal implementation on consoles. In the initial stages, the technology will be used in certain PlayStation 6 games, and the use of the technology will gradually expand, similar to ray tracing.

Will PS6 be very powerful?

The answer to this query is dependent on the power and technical details. Since, as of now, all we have are very few confirmed details and more speculation, no conclusion can be drawn. Technology experts, however, have mentioned that Sony wants the PlayStation 6 to be the most powerful console of the next generation.

To make that happen, the system will need to be equipped with a set of AMD chips and a large cache to put an end to the issues with the console’s CPU, GPU, and memory. There is no concrete data regarding the console’s CPU and GPU. The latest reports only say that Sony is experimenting with various configurations.

When will Sony reveal the hardware?

Companies usually reveal their new hardware months before the launch, and in this regard, whatever is known is that the details regarding PlayStation 5’s hardware were unveiled in June 2020. The PlayStation 5 then marked its release in November of the same year. Considering the release of PlayStation 6 in 2028, Sony will reveal their hardware systems either in 2028 or in 2027. Sony is expected to just repeat its strategy. It will reveal the hardware specs by hosting special events focused solely on system presentations and games.

What will be the games for PS6?

There is no information regarding the games for the next generation of consoles. Several rumors about PlayStation 6 are pointing toward its first titles. Excited fans of Bloodborne and FromSoftware Inc. are waiting for the PlayStation 6. Hideo Kojima has also been working on Physint, a spy game that could serve as a spiritual successor to Metal Gear Solid. Undoubtedly, Grand Theft Auto VI will take advantage of the potential of the next console.

Final Words

The PS6 is expected to be exciting as the system may include VR integration, backward compatibility, and SSD storage. So, one can be assured that there will be reduced load times and patented controller features.


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