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How To Clean Macbook Screen

Often, there is a necessity to clean the MacBook as, over time, the display becomes smudgy or dirty. If you are asking How to Clean Macbook Screen, then you will have to follow the range of cleaning methods for MacBook screen.

Table Of Contents

  • Things To Note Before Starting To Clean
  • How to Clean a Macbook Screen At Home?
  • Final Words

Things To Note Before Starting To Clean

  • Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Dampen it with a little bit of water to get tough smudges out.
  • Ensure you aren’t using abrasive cloths, aerosol sprays, solvents, and household cleaners with hydrogen peroxide or ammonia.
  • Do not spray liquid or water directly onto the screen.

How to Clean Macbook Screen At Home?

  • Buffing and Polishing


Shut the computer down. Turn the MacBook off and detach the power adapter.

But detaching the cable isn’t needed when you’re using a dry cloth to clean the screen. Safely clean the keyboard and other parts of your laptop.

Buff away prints with a microfiber cloth. Polish the screen with a microfiber cloth across the entire screen in small circles. Ensure that you’re applying slight pressure and do not use excessive force. Ensure that the cloth is soft, clean, lint-free, and static-resistant.

Buff the screen for five minutes or more to remove fingerprints and smudges.

Hold the computer by the upper edge to prevent accidentally re-smudging the screen.

  • Wiping With Cloth


How to Clean Macbook Screen and Keyboard? Well, for that, follow these steps:

Shut down the MacBook and unplug the power adapter.

Lay the screen on its back with the keyboard sticking up in the air to prevent liquid from dripping down into the keyboard.

Dampen a soft, clean, static-free, fiber-free cloth with water and make the cloth barely moist. Refrain from using paper towels, dish towels, or other rough clothes. Also, keep in mind to use distilled water instead of tap water as the latter contains minerals, and minerals can be conductive.

Do not drench the cloth in water, as excess water causes severe damage to your computer. Do not spray water directly onto the screen, as that increases your odds of getting water into it and causing permanent damage.

Wipe down the screen from side to side and top to bottom in small circular buffing motions. Apply slight pressure to the screen and dry the screen immediately for a streak-free finish. This is one of the finest methods to follow if you want to know How to Clean Macbook Screen Smudges.

Hold the screen toward the top or bottom to avoid re-smudging it. Pass over the screen multiple times before removing all the smudges. Re-dampen the cloth as you work to make the screen clean.

  • Using Cleansers


How to Clean Macbook Screen from Fingerprints? It’s not a tough task, and you will need to follow only a few steps.

Shut down the computer and detach the computer from its power adapter, as you don’t want the internal components to get damaged if exposed to the wet cleanser.

Lay the screen on its back with the keyboard sticking up in the air to prevent liquid from dripping down into the keyboard.

If you are asking How to Clean Macbook Screen without Streaks, then make sure to spray a little cleanser on a microfiber cloth, but make sure not to drench the cloth. Make it only a little moist. Only use soft, clean, lint-free, and static-free cloths, and use a cleaner specifically sold for use with LCD screens. It’s not worth using all-purpose cleaners, bleach, aerosol sprays, alcohol-based products, solvents, or abrasives.

Do not spray the cleanser directly on the screen since it can short out your computer.

Wipe the screen with the cloth from top to bottom or from side to side, and make sure to buff the screen in small circular motions with light pressure.

  • Using Electronics Wipes


How To Clean Macbook Screen StainsIt’s simple, and the method is quite similar to some of the methods stated above. Turn off the MacBook and unplug the power adapter.

Lay the screen on its back with the keyboard sticking up in the air. Use a specially formulated electronic wipe specifically designed to clean LCD screens. Wipe it across the entire screen, from top to bottom or side to side, using small circular motions. Ensure that they’re made up of a non-alcoholic formula.

Final Words

So we have listed how to Clean Macbook Screen, but it’s essential to be careful when using liquid to clean electronics, as liquid entering the device can cause permanent damage, causing your electronics to malfunction. Follow the methods specifically to get the well-cleaned Macbook devices in the finest state.

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